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This Is The Day Whereon The Ocean Of God's

This is the Day whereon the Ocean of God's mercy hath been manifested unto
men, the Day in which the Day Star of His loving-kindness hath shed its
radiance upon them, the Day in which the clouds of His bountiful favor
have overshadowed the whole of mankind. Now is the time to cheer and
refresh the down-cast through the invigorating breeze of love and
fellowship, and the living waters of friendliness and charity.

They who are the beloved of God, in whatever place they gather and
whomsoever they may meet, must evince, in their attitude towards God, and
in the manner of their celebration of His praise and glory, such humility
and submissiveness that every atom of the dust beneath their feet may
attest the depth of their devotion. The conversation carried by these holy
souls should be informed with such power that these same atoms of dust
will be thrilled by its influence. They should conduct themselves in such
manner that the earth upon which they tread may never be allowed to
address to them such words as these: "I am to be preferred above you. For
witness, how patient I am in bearing the burden which the husbandman
layeth upon me. I am the instrument that continually imparteth unto all
beings the blessings with which He Who is the Source of all grace hath
entrusted me. Notwithstanding the honor conferred upon me, and the
unnumbered evidences of my wealth--a wealth that supplieth the needs of all
creation--behold the measure of my humility, witness with what absolute
submissiveness I allow myself to be trodden beneath the feet of men...."

Show forbearance and benevolence and love to one another. Should any one
among you be incapable of grasping a certain truth, or be striving to
comprehend it, show forth, when conversing with him, a spirit of extreme
kindliness and good-will. Help him to see and recognize the truth, without
esteeming yourself to be, in the least, superior to him, or to be
possessed of greater endowments.

The whole duty of man in this Day is to attain that share of the flood of
grace which God poureth forth for him. Let none, therefore, consider the
largeness or smallness of the receptacle. The portion of some might lie in
the palm of a man's hand, the portion of others might fill a cup, and of
others even a gallon-measure.

Every eye, in this Day, should seek what will best promote the Cause of
God. He, Who is the Eternal Truth, beareth Me witness! Nothing whatever
can, in this Day, inflict a greater harm upon this Cause than dissension
and strife, contention, estrangement and apathy, among the loved ones of
God. Flee them, through the power of God and His sovereign aid, and strive
ye to knit together the hearts of men, in His Name, the Unifier, the
All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

Beseech ye the one true God to grant that ye may taste the savor of such
deeds as are performed in His path, and partake of the sweetness of such
humility and submissiveness as are shown for His sake. Forget your own
selves, and turn your eyes towards your neighbor. Bend your energies to
whatever may foster the education of men. Nothing is, or can ever be,
hidden from God. If ye follow in His way, His incalculable and
imperishable blessings will be showered upon you. This is the luminous
Tablet, whose verses have streamed from the moving Pen of Him Who is the
Lord of all worlds. Ponder it in your hearts, and be ye of them that
observe its precepts.

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