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Pope Pius Ix
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The Life After Death
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In This Day The World Is Redolent With The Fragrances Of The
IN this day the world is redolent with the fragrances...

The Kitab-i-aqdas
1 The first duty prescribed by God for His serv...

Thou Beholdest, O My God, How Bewildered In

Thou beholdest, O my God, how bewildered in their drunkenness are Thy
servants who have turned back from Thy beauty and caviled at what hath
been sent down from the right hand of the throne of Thy majesty. Thou
didst come, O my God, in the clouds of Thy spirit and Thine utterance, and
lo, the entire creation shook and trembled, and the limbs of them who
repudiated Thy testimonies were made to quiver, O Thou in Whose grasp is
the lordship of all things!

Thou art He, O my God, Who hast summoned all men to turn in the direction
of Thy mercy, and called them unto the horizon of Thy grace and bounties.
None, however, heeded Thy call, except such as have forsaken all things
save Thee, and hastened unto the Day-Spring of Thy beauty, and the
Dawning-Place of Thine inspiration and Thy revelation.

Thou knowest, O my God, that none can be found on the face of the earth to
remember Thee except them. Thou seest how the oppressors among Thy
creatures have laid hold on them. Some, O my God, have shed their blood in
Thy path, others have abandoned their homes and set their faces towards
the seat of Thy throne, and were hindered from stepping into the court of
Thy great glory, while still others have been cast into prison and are at
the mercy of the workers of iniquity.

I implore Thee, O Thou Who holdest in Thy hands the reins of unconstrained
power, to succor them through the wondrous potency of Thy might. Misery, O
my Lord, hath taken hold on them in Thy path, exalt them by the power of
Thy sovereignty; and weariness hath afflicted them in their love for Thee,
render them victorious, through Thy strength and Thine omnipotence, over
Thine enemies.

Aware as I am, O my God, that Thou hast decreed for them that which
excelleth whatsoever is in Thy heaven and on Thy earth, I still cherish
the desire that Thou mayest behold them in Thy days exalted and honored by
Thy creatures. Supreme art Thou over Thy creation. All are held within Thy
grasp, and lie prisoned in the hollow of Thy hand. No God is there but
Thee, the All-Powerful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

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