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Yea, inasmuch as these people have failed to acquire tru...

12: O Son Of Being! With The Hands Of Power I Made Thee And With
O SON OF BEING! With the hands of power I made thee a...

47 Division Of The Estate Should Take Place Only After The Huququ'llah Hath Been Paid
any debts have been settled, the expenses of the funera...

162 It Is Unlawful To Beg And It Is Forbidden To Give To Him Who Beggeth #147
In a Tablet 'Abdu'l-Baha expounds the meaning of this...

Blessed Is The Man That Hath Acknowledged
Blessed is the man that hath acknowledged his belief ...

144 It Is Inadmissible That Man Who Hath Been Endowed With Reason Should Consume That Which Stealeth It Away #119
There are many references in the Baha'i Writings whic...

183 O Ye The Learned Ones In Baha #173
Baha'u'llah eulogizes the learned among His followers...

When We Observed Carefully, We Discovered That Our

WHEN We observed carefully, We discovered that Our enemies are, for the
most part, the divines... Among the people are those who said: He hath
repudiated the divines. Say: Yea, by My Lord! I, in very truth, was the
One Who abolished the idols! We, verily, have sounded the Trumpet, which
is Our Most Sublime Pen, and lo, the divines and the learned, and the
doctors and the rulers, swooned away except such as God preserved, as a
token of His grace, and He, verily, is the All-Bounteous, the Ancient of

O concourse of divines! Fling away idle fancies and imaginings, and turn,
then, towards the Horizon of Certitude. I swear by God! All that ye
possess will profit you not, neither all the treasures of the earth, nor
the leadership ye have usurped. Fear God, and be not of the lost ones...
Say: O concourse of divines! Lay aside all your veils and coverings. Give
ear unto that whereunto calleth you the Most Sublime Pen, in this wondrous
Day.... The world is laden with dust, by reason of your vain imaginings,
and the hearts of such as enjoy near access to God are troubled because of
your cruelty. Fear God, and be of them that judge equitably.

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