O thou who treadest the path of justice and beholdest the countenance of

mercy! Thine epistle was received, thy question was noted, and the sweet

accents of thy soul were heard from the inmost chambers of thy heart.

Whereupon the clouds of the Divine Will were raised to rain upon thee the

outpourings of heavenly wisdom, to divest thee of all that thou hadst

acquired aforetime, to draw thee from the realms of contradiction unto the

retreats of oneness, and to lead thee to the sacred streams of His Law.

Perchance thou mayest quaff therefrom, repose therein, quench thy thirst,

refresh thy soul, and be numbered with those whom the light of God hath

guided aright in this day.

'abdu'l-hamid's Committee 1 The Sweet-smelling Savour Of My Garment #4 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail