100 Should Resentment Or Antipathy Arise Between Husband And Wife

he is

not to divorce her but to bide in patience throughout the course of one

whole year 68

Divorce is strongly condemned in the Baha'i Teachings. If, however,

antipathy or resentment develop between the marriage partners, divorce is

permissible after the lapse of one full year. During this year of

patience, the husband is obliged to provide for the financial support of

his wife and children, and the couple is urged to strive to reconcile

their differences. Shoghi Effendi affirms that both the husband and wife

have equal right to ask for divorce whenever either partner feels it

absolutely essential to do so.

In Questions and Answers, Baha'u'llah elaborates a number of issues

concerning the year of patience, its observance (Q and A 12), establishing

the date of its beginning (Q and A 19 and 40), the conditions for

reconciliation (Q and A 38), and the role of witnesses and the Local House

of Justice (Q and A 73 and 98). In relation to the witnesses, the

Universal House of Justice has clarified that in these days the duties of

the witnesses in cases of divorce are performed by the Spiritual


The detailed provisions of the Baha'i laws on divorce are summarized in

the Synopsis and Codification, section IV.C.2.a.-i.

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