Having, in this journey, immersed himself in the ocean of immortality,

rid his heart from attachment to aught save Him, and attained unto the

loftiest heights of everlasting life, the seeker will see no annihilation

either for himself or for any other soul. He will quaff from the cup of

immortality, tread in its land, soar in its atmosphere, consort with them

that are its embodiments, partake of the imperishable and incorruptible

fruits of the tree of eternity, and be forever accounted, in the lofty

heights of immortality, amongst the denizens of the everlasting realm.

105 Wash Ye Every Soiled Thing With Water That Hath Undergone No Alteration In Any One Of The Three Respects #74 106 God Hath Abolished The Concept Of Uncleanness Whereby Divers Things And Peoples Have Been Held To Be Impure #75 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail