11: O Son Of Dust! Blind Thine Eyes That Thou Mayest Behold My

O SON OF DUST! Blind thine eyes, that thou mayest behold My beauty; stop

thine ears, that thou mayest hearken unto the sweet melody of My voice;

empty thyself of all learning, that thou mayest partake of My knowledge;

and sanctify thyself from riches, that thou mayest obtain a lasting share

from the ocean of My eternal wealth. Blind thine eyes, that is, to all

save My beauty; stop thine ears to all save My word; empty thyself of all

learning save the knowledge of Me; that with a clear vision, a pure heart

and an attentive ear thou mayest enter the court of My holiness.

11: O Son Of Being! Thou Art My Lamp And My Light Is In Thee 12 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail