For were they to reach the ultimate object of their quest for God and

their attainment unto Him, they would have but reached that abode which

hath been raised up within their own hearts. How then could they ever hope

to ascend unto such realms as have not been ordained for them or created

for their station? Nay, though they journey from everlasting to

everlasting, they will never attain unto Him Who is the midmost Heart of

existence and the Axis of the entire creation, He on Whose right hand flow

the seas of grandeur, on Whose left stream the rivers of might, and Whose

court none can ever hope to reach, how much less His very abode! For He

dwelleth in the ark of fire, speedeth, in the sphere of fire, through the

ocean of fire, and moveth within the atmosphere of fire. How can he who

hath been fashioned of contrary elements ever enter or even approach this

fire? Were he to do so, he would be instantly consumed.

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