Yea, the seeker reacheth a station wherein that which hath been

ordained for him knoweth no bounds. The fire of love so blazeth in his

heart that it seizeth the reins of constraint from his grasp. At every

moment his love for his Lord increaseth and draweth him nearer unto his

Creator, in such wise that if his Lord be in the east of nearness, and he

dwell in the west of remoteness and possess all that earth and heaven

contain of rubies and gold, he would forsake it all and rush forth to the

land of the Desired One. And shouldst thou find him to be otherwise, know

assuredly that such a man is a lying impostor. We, verily, all belong unto

Him Whom God shall make manifest in the latter Resurrection, and through

Him shall we be raised again to life.

111 He Who Held Converse With God #80 112 Sinai #80 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail