From this station the wayfarer ascendeth unto a City that hath no name

or description, and whereof one heareth neither sound nor mention. Therein

flow the oceans of eternity, whilst this city itself revolveth round the

seat of eternity. Therein the sun of the Unseen shineth resplendent above

the horizon of the Unseen, a sun that hath its own heavens and its own

moons, which partake of its light and which rise from and set upon the

ocean of the Unseen. Nor can I ever hope to impart even a dewdrop of that

which hath been decreed therein, as none is acquainted with its mysteries

save God, its Creator and Fashioner, and His Manifestations.

113 The Spirit Of God #80 114 Carmel Zion #80 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail