Such is the text of the verses revealed in the past. By Him besides

Whom there is none other God, I have chosen to be brief, for were I to

recount all the words that have been sent down unto the Prophets of God

from the realm of His supernal glory and the kingdom of His sovereign

might, all the pages and tablets of the world would not suffice to exhaust

My theme. References similar to those mentioned, nay even more sublime and

exalted, have been made in all the Books and Scriptures of old. Should it

be My wish to recount all that hath been revealed in the past, I would

most certainly be able to do so by virtue of that which God hath bestowed

upon Me of the wonders of His knowledge and power. I have, however,

contented Myself with that which was mentioned, lest thou become wearied

in thy journey or feel inclined to turn back, or lest thou be overtaken by

sadness and sorrow and overcome with despondency, trouble and fatigue.

11: O Son Of Dust! Blind Thine Eyes That Thou Mayest Behold My 12 Hair Doth Not Invalidate Your Prayer facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail