Be fair in thy judgement and reflect upon these exalted utterances.

Inquire, then, of those who lay claim to knowledge without a proof or

testimony from God, and who remain heedless of these days wherein the Orb

of knowledge and wisdom hath dawned above the horizon of Divinity,

rendering unto each his due and assigning unto all their rank and measure,

as to what they can say concerning these allusions. Verily, their meaning

hath bewildered the minds of men, and that which they conceal of the

consummate wisdom and latent knowledge of God even the most sanctified

souls have been powerless to uncover.

12: O Son Of Being! With The Hands Of Power I Made Thee And With 13 We Have Commanded You To Pray And Fast From The Beginning Of Maturity #10 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail