Should they say: "These words are indeed from God, and have no

interpretation other than their outward meaning", then what objection can

they raise against the unbelievers among the people of the Book? For when

the latter saw the aforementioned passages in their Scriptures and heard

the literal interpretations of their divines, they refused to recognize

God in those who are the Manifestations of His unity, the Exponents of His

singleness, and the Embodiments of His sanctity, and failed to believe in

them and submit to their authority. The reason was that they did not see

the sun darken, or the stars of heaven fall to the ground, or the angels

visibly descend upon the earth, and hence they contended with the Prophets

and Messengers of God. Nay, inasmuch as they found them at variance with

their own faith and creed, they hurled against them such accusations of

imposture, folly, waywardness, and misbelief as I am ashamed to recount.

Refer to the Qur'an, that thou mayest find mention of all this and be of

them that understand its meaning. Even to this day do these people await

the appearance of that which they have learned from their doctors and

imbibed from their divines. Thus do they say: "When shall these signs be

made manifest, that we may believe?" But if this be the case, how could ye

refute their arguments, invalidate their proofs, and challenge them

concerning their faith and their understanding of their Books and the

sayings of their leaders?

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