14 He Hath Exempted From This Those Who Are Weak From Illness Or Age #10

The exemption of those who are weak due to illness or advanced age from

offering the Obligatory Prayers and from fasting is explained in Questions

and Answers. Baha'u'llah indicates that in time of ill-health it is not

permissible to observe these obligations (Q and A 93). He defines old

age, in this context, as being from seventy (Q and A 74). In answer to a

question, Shoghi Effendi has clarified that people who attain the age of

seventy are exempt, whether or not they are weak.

Exemption from fasting is also granted to the other specific categories of

people listed in the Synopsis and Codification, section IV.B.5. See notes

20, 30 and 31 for additional discussion.

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