151 The Deceased Should Be Enfolded In Five Sheets Of Silk Or Cotton #130

In the Bayan, the Bab specified that the body of the deceased should be

wrapped in five sheets of silk or cotton. Baha'u'llah confirmed this

provision and added the stipulation that for those whose means are

limited a single sheet of either fabric will suffice.

When asked whether the five sheets mentioned in the law referred to

five full-length shrouds or five cloths which were hitherto customarily

used, Baha'u'llah responded that the intention is the use of five

cloths (Q and A 56).

Concerning the way in which the body should be wrapped, there is nothing

in the Baha'i Writings to define how the wrapping of the body is to be

done, either when five cloths are used or only a single sheet. At

present, the Baha'is are free to use their judgement in the matter.

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