Ponder then in thine heart: Matters being such as thou dost witness,

and as We also witness, where canst thou flee, and with whom shalt thou

take refuge? Unto whom wilt thou turn thy gaze? In what land shalt thou

dwell and upon what seat shalt thou abide? In what path shalt thou tread

and at what hour wilt thou find repose? What shall become of thee in the

end? Where shalt thou secure the cord of thy faith and fasten the tie of

thine obedience? By Him Who revealeth Himself in His oneness and Whose own

Self beareth witness to His unity! Should there be ignited in thy heart

the burning brand of the love of God, thou wouldst seek neither rest nor

composure, neither laughter nor repose, but wouldst hasten to scale the

highest summits in the realms of divine nearness, sanctity, and beauty.

Thou wouldst lament as a soul bereaved and weep as a heart filled with

longing. Nor wouldst thou repair to thy home and abode unless God would

lay bare before thee His Cause.

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