O thou who hast soared to the realm of guidance and ascended to the

kingdom of virtue! Shouldst thou desire to apprehend these celestial

allusions, to witness the mysteries of divine knowledge, and to become

acquainted with His all-encompassing Word, then it behoveth thine eminence

to inquire into these and other questions pertaining to thine origin and

ultimate goal from those whom God hath made to be the Wellspring of His

knowledge, the Heaven of His wisdom, and the Ark of His mysteries. For

were it not for those effulgent Lights that shine above the horizon of His

Essence, the people would know not their left hand from their right, how

much less could they scale the heights of the inner realities or probe the

depths of their subtleties! We beseech God therefore to immerse us in

these surging seas, to grace us with the presence of these life-bearing

breezes, and to cause us to abide in these divine and lofty precincts.

Perchance we may divest ourselves of all that we have taken from each

other and strip ourselves of such borrowed garments as we have stolen from

our fellow men, that He may attire us instead with the robe of His mercy

and the raiment of His guidance, and admit us into the city of knowledge.

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