174 And Permitted You To Attire Yourselves In Silk #159

According to Islamic practice, the wearing of silk by men was generally

forbidden, except in times of holy war. This prohibition, which was not

based on the verses of the Qur'an, was abrogated by the Bab.

175. The Lord hath relieved you ... of the restrictions that formerly

applied to clothing and to the trim of the beard. 159

Many rules about dress had their origins in the laws and traditional

practices of the world's religions. For example, the Shi'ih clergy

adopted for themselves a distinctive headdress and robes and, at one time,

forbade the people to adopt European attire. Muslim practice, in its

desire to emulate the custom of the Prophet, also introduced a number of

restrictions with regard to the trim of the moustache and the length of

the beard.

Baha'u'llah removed such limitations on one's apparel and beard. He leaves

such matters to the discretion of the individual, and at the same time

calls upon the believers not to transgress the bounds of propriety and to

exercise moderation in all that pertains to dress.

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