Whosoever entereth this city will comprehend every science before

probing into its mysteries and will acquire from the leaves of its trees a

knowledge and wisdom encompassing such mysteries of divine lordship as are

enshrined within the treasuries of creation. Glorified be God, its Creator

and Fashioner, above all that He hath brought forth and ordained therein!

By God, the Sovereign Protector, the Self-Subsisting, the Almighty! Were I

to unveil to thine eyes the gates of this city, which have been fashioned

by the right hand of might and power, thou wouldst behold that which none

before thee hath ever beheld, and wouldst witness that which no other soul

hath ever witnessed. Thou wouldst apprehend the most obscure signs and the

most abstruse allusions, and wouldst clearly behold the mysteries of the

beginning in the point of the end. All matters would be made easy unto

thee, fire would be turned into light, knowledge and blessings, and thou

wouldst abide in safety within the court of holiness.

17: O Son Of Man! Be Thou Content With Me And Seek No Other 18 We Have Absolved You From The Requirement Of Performing The Prayer Of The Signs #11 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail