180 Take Heed Lest The Word Prophet Withhold You From This Most Great

Announcement 167

Baha'u'llah cautions people of insight not to allow their

interpretations of the Holy Scriptures to prevent them from recognizing

the Manifestation of God. Followers of each religion have tended to allow

their devotion to its Founder to cause them to perceive His Revelation as

the final Word of God and to deny the possibility of the appearance of any

subsequent Prophet. This has been the case of Judaism, Christianity and

Islam. Baha'u'llah denies the validity of this concept of finality both in

relation to past Dispensations and to His own. With regard to Muslims, He

wrote in the Kitab-i-Iqan that the people of the Qur'an ... have allowed

the words 'Seal of the Prophets' to veil their eyes, to obscure their

understanding, and deprive them of the grace of all His manifold

bounties. He affirms that this theme hath ... been a sore test unto all

mankind, and laments the fate of those who, clinging unto these words,

have disbelieved in Him Who is their true Revealer. The Bab refers to

this same theme when He warns: Let not names shut you out as by a veil

from Him Who is their Lord, even the name Prophet, for such a name is but

a creation of His utterance.

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