Bereft, however, of the essence of the mysteries of His wisdom, which

We have imparted unto thee beneath the veils of these blessed and

soul-stirring words, thou wouldst fail to attain unto even a sprinkling of

the oceans of divine knowledge or the crystal streams of divine power, and

wouldst be recorded in the Mother Book, through the Pen of oneness and by

the Finger of God, amongst the ignorant. Nor wouldst thou be able to grasp

a single word of the Book or a single utterance of the Kindred of God(14)

concerning the mysteries of the beginning and the end.

18: O Ye Dwellers In The Highest Paradise! 19 Save In The Prayer For The Dead The Practice Of Congregational Prayer Hath Been Annulled #12 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail