Encompassed as I am at this time by the dogs of the earth and the beasts

of every land, concealed as I remain in the hidden habitation of Mine

inner Being, forbidden as I may be from divulging that which God hath

bestowed upon Me of the wonders of His knowledge, the gems of His wisdom,

and the tokens of His power, yet am I loath to frustrate the hopes of one

who hath approached the sanctuary of grandeur, sought to enter within the

precincts of eternity, and aspired to soar in the immensity of this

creation at the dawning of the divine decree. I shall therefore relate

unto thee certain truths from among those which God hath vouchsafed unto

Me, this only to the extent that souls can bear and minds endure, lest the

malicious raise a clamour or the dissemblers hoist their banners. I

implore God to graciously aid Me in this, for unto such as beseech Him, He

is the All-Bounteous, and of those who show mercy, He is the Most


1: O Ye People That Have Minds To Know And Ears To Hear! 2 We Have Unsealed The Choice Wine With The Fingers Of Might And Power #5 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail