21 When Travelling If Ye Should Stop And Rest In Some Safe Spot Perform Ye

men and women alike

a single prostration in place of each unsaid

Obligatory Prayer 14

Exemption from obligatory prayer is granted to those who find themselves

in such a condition of insecurity that the saying of the Obligatory

Prayers is not possible. The exemption applies whether one is travelling

or at home, and it provides a means whereby Obligatory Prayers which have

remained unsaid on account of these insecure circumstances may be

compensated for.

Baha'u'llah has made it clear that obligatory prayer is not suspended

during travel so long as one can find a safe spot in which to perform

it (Q and A 58).

Numbers 21, 58, 59, 60, and 61 in Questions and Answers amplify this


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