O My brother! Sanctify thy heart, illumine thy soul, and sharpen thy

sight, that thou mayest perceive the sweet accents of the Birds of Heaven

and the melodies of the Doves of Holiness warbling in the Kingdom of

eternity, and perchance apprehend the inner meaning of these utterances

and their hidden mysteries. For otherwise, wert thou to interpret these

words according to their outward meaning, thou couldst never prove the

truth of the Cause of Him Who came after Jesus, nor silence the opponents,

nor prevail over the contending disbelievers. For the Christian divines

use this verse to prove that the Gospel shall never be abrogated and that,

even if all the signs recorded in their Books were fulfilled and the

Promised One appeared, He would have no recourse but to rule the people

according to the ordinances of the Gospel. They contend that if He were to

manifest all the signs indicated in the Books, but decree aught besides

that which Jesus had decreed, they would neither acknowledge nor follow

Him, so clear and self-evident is this matter in their sight.

22: O Son Of Spirit! Noble Have I Created Thee Yet Thou Hast Abased 23 Say: God Hath Made My Hidden Love The Key To The Treasure #15 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail