Thou canst indeed hear the learned and the foolish amongst the people

voice the same objections in this day, saying: "The sun hath not risen

from the West, nor hath the Crier cried out betwixt earth and heaven.

Water hath not inundated certain lands; the Dajjal(17) hath not appeared;

Sufyani(18) hath not arisen; nor hath the Temple been witnessed in the

sun." I heard, with Mine own ears, one of their divines proclaim: "Should

all these signs come to pass and the long-awaited Qa'im appear, and should

He ordain, with respect to even our secondary laws, aught beyond that

which hath been revealed in the Qur'an, we would assuredly charge Him with

imposture, put Him to death, and refuse forever to acknowledge Him", and

other statements such as these deniers make. And all this, when the Day of

Resurrection hath been ushered in, and the Trumpet hath been sounded, and

all the denizens of earth and heaven have been gathered together, and the

Balance hath been appointed, and the Bridge hath been laid, and the Verses

have been sent down, and the Sun hath shone forth, and the stars have been

blotted out, and the souls have been raised to life, and the breath of the

Spirit hath blown, and the angels have been arrayed in ranks, and Paradise

hath been brought nigh, and Hell made to blaze! These things have all come

to pass, and yet to this day not a single one of these people hath

recognized them! They all lie as dead within their own shrouds, save those

who have believed and repaired unto God, who rejoice in this day in His

celestial paradise, and who tread the path of His good-pleasure.

23: O Son Of The Supreme! To The Eternal I Call Thee Yet Thou Dost Seek That 24 O Pen Of The Most High! #16 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail