Alas, alas, for that which befell Him Who was the Manifestation of the

Self of God, and for that which He and His loved ones were made to suffer!

The people inflicted upon them what no soul hath ever inflicted upon

another, and what no infidel hath wrought against a believer or suffered

at his hand. Alas, alas! That immortal Being sat upon the darksome dust,

the Holy Spirit lamented in the retreats of glory, the pillars of the

Throne crumbled in the exalted dominion, the joy of the world was changed

into sorrow in the crimson land, and the voice of the Nightingale was

silenced in the golden realm. Woe betide them for what their hands have

wrought and for what they have committed!

25: O Ye Seeming Fair Yet Inwardly Foul! Ye Are Like Clear But Bitter Water Which To Outward 26 And At Its Close Have Designated For You Naw-ruz As A Feast #16 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail