Be not veiled by aught that hath been revealed in the Qur'an, or by

what thou hast learned from the works of those Suns of immaculacy and

Moons of majesty,(22) regarding the perversion of the Texts by the

fanatical or their alteration by their corruptors. By these statements

only certain specific and clearly indicated passages are intended. In

spite of My weakness and poverty, I would assuredly be able, should I so

desire, to expound these passages unto thine eminence. But this would

divert us from our purpose and lead us astray from the outstretched path.

It would immerse us in limited allusions and distract us from that which

is beloved in the court of the All-Praised.

27: O Son Of Man! Breathe Not The Sins Of Others So Long As Thou Art 28 We Have Ordained That These Shall Be The Manifestations Of The Letter Ha #16 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail