Know then that it behoveth thine eminence to ponder from the outset

these questions in thy heart: What hath prompted the divers peoples and

kindreds of the earth to reject the Apostles whom God hath sent unto them

in His might and power, whom He hath raised up to exalt His Cause and

ordained to be the Lamps of eternity within the Niche of His oneness? For

what reason have the people turned aside from them, disputed about them,

risen against and contended with them? On what grounds have they refused

to acknowledge their apostleship and authority, nay, denied their truth

and reviled their persons, even slaying or banishing them?

2: O Son Of Spirit! The Bird Seeketh Its Nest; The Nightingale The 3 We Have Enjoined Obligatory Prayer Upon You #6 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail