It behoveth him who is a wayfarer in the path of God and a wanderer in

His way to detach himself from all who are in the heavens and on the

earth. He must renounce all save God, that perchance the portals of mercy

may be unlocked before his face and the breezes of providence may waft

over him. And when he hath inscribed upon his soul that which We have

vouchsafed unto him of the quintessence of inner meaning and explanation,

he will fathom all the secrets of these allusions, and God shall bestow

upon his heart a divine tranquillity and cause him to be of them that are

at peace with themselves. In like manner wilt thou comprehend the meaning

of all the ambiguous verses that have been sent down concerning the

question thou didst ask of this Servant Who abideth upon the seat of

abasement, Who walketh upon the earth as an exile with none to befriend,

comfort, aid, or assist Him, Who hath placed His whole trust in God, and

Who proclaimeth at all times: "Verily we are God's, and to Him shall we

return." (24)

32: O Son Of The Supreme! I Have Made Death A Messenger Of Joy To Thee 33 It Hath Been Ordained That Every Believer In God facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail