Know thou that the passages that We have called "ambiguous" appear as

such only in the eyes of them that have failed to soar above the horizon

of guidance and to reach the heights of knowledge in the retreats of

grace. For otherwise, unto them that have recognized the Repositories of

divine Revelation and beheld through His inspiration the mysteries of

divine authority, all the verses of God are perspicuous and all His

allusions are clear. Such men discern the inner mysteries that have been

clothed in the garment of words as clearly as ye perceive the heat of the

sun or the wetness of water, nay even more distinctly. Immeasurably

exalted is God above our praise of His loved ones, and beyond their praise

of Him!

33: O Son Of Spirit! With The Joyful Tidings Of Light I Hail Thee: Rejoice! 34 Perform Ye Ablutions For The Obligatory Prayer #18 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail