And when this stage of the journey is completed and the wayfarer hath

soared beyond this lofty station, he entereth the City of Divine Unity,

and the garden of oneness, and the court of detachment. In this plane the

seeker casteth away all signs, allusions, veils, and words, and beholdeth

all things with an eye illumined by the effulgent lights which God Himself

hath shed upon him. In his journey he seeth all differences return to a

single word and all allusions culminate in a single point. Unto this

beareth witness he who sailed upon the ark of fire and followed the inmost

path to the pinnacle of glory in the realm of immortality: "Knowledge is

one point, which the foolish have multiplied."(27) This is the station

that hath been alluded to in the tradition: "I am He, Himself, and He is

I, Myself, except that I am that I am, and He is that He is."(28)

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