O thou who hast set foot in the wilderness of knowledge and taken abode

within the ark of wisdom! Not until thou hast grasped the mysteries

concealed in that which We shall relate unto thee canst thou hope to

attain to the stations of faith and certitude in the Cause of God and in

those who are the Manifestations of His Cause, the Daysprings of His

Command, the Treasuries of His revelation, and the Repositories of His

knowledge. Shouldst thou fail in this, thou wouldst be numbered with them

that have not striven for the Cause of God, nor inhaled the fragrance of

faith from the raiment of certitude, nor scaled the heights of the divine

unity, nor yet recognized the stations of divine singleness within the

Embodiments of praise and the Essences of sanctity.

3: O Son Of Man! Veiled In My Immemorial Being And In The Ancient 4 Nine Rak'ahs #6 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail