In this station the truth of the unity of God and of the signs of His

sanctity is established. Thou shalt indeed see them all rising above the

bosom of God's might and embraced in the arms of His mercy; nor can any

distinction be made between His bosom and His arms. To speak of change or

transformation in this plane would be sheer blasphemy and utter impiety,

for this is the station wherein the light of divine unity shineth forth,

and the truth of His oneness is expressed, and the splendours of the

everlasting Morn are reflected in lofty and faithful mirrors. By God! Were

I to reveal the full measure of that which He hath ordained for this

station, the souls of men would depart from their bodies, the inner

realities of all things would be shaken in their foundations, they that

dwell within the realms of creation would be dumbfounded, and those who

move in the lands of allusion would fade into utter nothingness.

40: O Son Of Man! Wert Thou To Speed Through The Immensity Of 41 When We Heard The Clamour Of The Children As Yet Unborn We Doubled facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail