46: O Brethren In The Path! Wherefore Have Ye Neglected The Mention Of The

O BRETHREN IN THE PATH! Wherefore have ye neglected the mention of the

Loved One, and kept remote from His holy presence? The essence of beauty

is within the peerless pavilion, set upon the throne of glory, whilst ye

busy yourselves with idle contentions. The sweet savors of holiness are

breathing and the breath of bounty is wafted, yet ye are all sorely

afflicted and deprived thereof. Alas for you and for them that walk in

your ways and follow in your footsteps!

46 If The Deceased Should Leave Children Who Are Under Age 46: O Son Of Man! Ponder And Reflect Is It Thy Wish To Die Upon Thy facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail