It is therefore established that all names and attributes return unto

these sublime and sanctified Luminaries. Indeed, all names are to be found

in their names, and all attributes can be seen in their attributes. Viewed

in this light, if thou wert to call them by all the names of God, this

would be true, as all these names are one and the same as their own Being.

Comprehend then the intent of these words, and guard it within the

tabernacle of thy heart, that thou mayest recognize the implications of

thine inquiry, fulfil them according to that which God hath ordained for

thee, and thus be numbered with those who have attained unto His purpose.

46: O Son Of Man! Ponder And Reflect Is It Thy Wish To Die Upon Thy 47 Division Of The Estate Should Take Place Only After The Huququ'llah Hath Been Paid facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail