All that thou hast heard regarding Muhammad the son of Hasan(34)--may

the souls of all that are immersed in the oceans of the spirit be offered

up for His sake--is true beyond the shadow of a doubt, and we all verily

bear allegiance unto Him. But the Imams of the Faith have fixed His abode

in the city of Jabulqa,(35) which they have depicted in strange and

marvellous signs. To interpret this city according to the literal meaning

of the tradition would indeed prove impossible, nor can such a city ever

be found. Wert thou to search the uttermost corners of the earth, nay

probe its length and breadth for as long as God's eternity hath lasted and

His sovereignty will endure, thou wouldst never find a city such as they

have described, for the entirety of the earth could neither contain nor

encompass it. If thou wouldst lead Me unto this city, I could assuredly

lead thee unto this holy Being, Whom the people have conceived according

to what they possess and not to that which pertaineth unto Him! Since this

is not in thy power, thou hast no recourse but to interpret symbolically

the accounts and traditions that have been reported from these luminous

souls. And, as such an interpretation is needed for the traditions

pertaining to the aforementioned city, so too is it required for this holy

Being. When thou hast understood this interpretation, thou shalt no longer

stand in need of "transformation" or aught else.

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