Know then that, inasmuch as all the Prophets are but one and the same

soul, spirit, name, and attribute, thou must likewise see them all as

bearing the name Muhammad and as being the son of Hasan, as having

appeared from the Jabulqa of God's power and from the Jabulsa of His

mercy. For by Jabulqa is meant none other than the treasure-houses of

eternity in the all-highest heaven and the cities of the unseen in the

supernal realm. We bear witness that Muhammad, the son of Hasan, was

indeed in Jabulqa and appeared therefrom. Likewise, He Whom God shall make

manifest abideth in that city until such time as God will have established

Him upon the seat of His sovereignty. We, verily, acknowledge this truth

and bear allegiance unto each and every one of them. We have chosen here

to be brief in our elucidation of the meanings of Jabulqa, but if thou be

of them that truly believe, thou shalt indeed comprehend all the true

meanings of the mysteries enshrined within these Tablets.

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