52: O Children Of Negligence And Passion!

O CHILDREN OF NEGLIGENCE AND PASSION! Ye have suffered My enemy to enter

My house and have cast out My friend, for ye have enshrined the love of

another than Me in your hearts. Give ear to the sayings of the Friend and

turn towards His paradise. Worldly friends, seeking their own good, appear

to love one the other, whereas the true Friend hath loved and doth love

you for your own sakes; indeed He hath suffered for your guidance

countless afflictions. Be not disloyal to such a Friend, nay rather hasten

unto Him. Such is the daystar of the word of truth and faithfulness, that

hath dawned above the horizon of the pen of the Lord of all names. Open

your ears that ye may hearken unto the word of God, the Help in peril, the


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