But as they failed to recognize the accents of God and the divine

mysteries and holy allusions enshrined in that which flowed from the

tongue of Muhammad, and as they neglected to examine the matter in their

own hearts, and followed instead those priests of error who have hindered

the progress of the people in past dispensations and who will continue to

do so in future cycles, they were thus veiled from the divine purpose,

failed to quaff from the celestial streams, and deprived themselves of the

presence of God, the Manifestation of His Essence, and the Dayspring of

His eternity. Thus did they wander in the paths of delusion and the ways

of heedlessness, and return to their abode in that fire which feedeth on

their own souls. These, verily, are numbered with the infidels whose names

have been inscribed by the Pen of God in His holy Book. Nor have they ever

found, or will ever find, a friend or helper.

53: O Ye That Pride Yourselves On Mortal Riches! 54 The Lord Hath Ordained That Those Of You Who Are Able Shall Make Pilgrimage To The Sacred House #32 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail