Had these souls but clung steadfastly to the Handle of God manifested

in the Person of Muhammad, had they turned wholly unto God and cast aside

all that they had learned from their divines, He would assuredly have

guided them through His grace and acquainted them with the sacred truths

that are enshrined within His imperishable utterances. For far be it from

His greatness and His glory that He should turn away a seeker at His door,

cast aside from His Threshold one who hath set his hopes on Him, reject

one who hath sought the shelter of His shade, deprive one who hath held

fast to the hem of His mercy, or condemn to remoteness the poor one who

hath found the river of His riches. But as these people failed to turn

wholly unto God, and to hold fast to the hem of His all-pervading mercy at

the appearance of the Daystar of Truth, they passed out from under the

shadow of guidance and entered the city of error. Thus did they become

corrupt and corrupt the people. Thus did they err and lead the people into

error. And thus were they recorded among the oppressors in the books of


54: O Ye Rich Ones On Earth! The Poor In Your Midst Are My Trust; Guard Ye 55 And From This He Hath Exempted Women As A Mercy On His Part #32 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail