Know then that when Muhammad, the Point of the Qur'an and the Light of

the All-Glorious, came with perspicuous verses and luminous proofs

manifested in such signs as are beyond the power of all existence to

produce, He bade all men follow this lofty and outstretched Path in

accordance with the precepts that He had brought from God. Whoso

acknowledged Him, recognized the signs of God in His inmost Being, and saw

in His beauty the changeless beauty of God, the decree of "resurrection",

"ingathering", "life", and "paradise" was passed upon him. For he who had

believed in God and in the Manifestation of His beauty was raised from the

grave of heedlessness, gathered together in the sacred ground of the

heart, quickened to the life of faith and certitude, and admitted into the

paradise of the divine presence. What paradise can be loftier than this,

what ingathering mightier, and what resurrection greater? Indeed, should a

soul be acquainted with these mysteries, he would grasp that which none

other hath fathomed.

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