Were I to recount all the verses that have been revealed in connection

with this exalted theme, it would weary the reader and divert Us from Our

purpose. The following verse shall therefore suffice Us; may thine eyes be

solaced therewith, and mayest thou attain unto that which hath been

treasured and concealed therein: "It is God who hath reared the heavens

without pillars thou canst behold; then mounted His throne, and imposed

laws on the sun and moon: each travelleth to its appointed goal. He

ordereth all things. He maketh His signs clear, that ye may have firm

faith in the presence of your Lord."(38)

58: O Son Of My Handmaid! Wouldst Thou Seek The Grace Of The Holy Spirit 59 Amongst The People Is He Who Seateth Himself Amid The Sandals facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail