6 We Have Relieved You Of A Greater Number #6

The requirements for obligatory prayer called for in the Babi and Islamic

Dispensations were more demanding than those for the performance of the

Obligatory Prayer consisting of nine rak'ahs that was prescribed in the

Kitab-i-Aqdas (see note 4).

In the Bayan, the Bab prescribed an Obligatory Prayer consisting of

nineteen rak'ahs which was to be performed once in a twenty-four-hour

period--from noon of one day to noon of the next.

The Muslim prayer is recited five times a day, namely, in the early

morning, at midday, in the afternoon and evening, and at night. While the

number of rak'ahs varies according to the time of recitation, a total of

seventeen rak'ahs are offered in the course of a day.

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