Ponder then, O My friend, the words "firm faith" that have been

mentioned in this verse. It saith that the heavens and the earth, the

throne, the sun and the moon, all have been created to the end that His

servants may have unswerving faith in His presence in His days. By the

righteousness of God! Contemplate, O My brother, the greatness of this

station, and behold the condition of the people in these days, fleeing

from the Countenance of God and His Beauty "as though they were affrighted

asses".(39) Wert thou to reflect upon that which We have revealed unto

thee, thou wouldst undoubtedly grasp Our purpose in this utterance and

discover that which We have desired to impart unto thee within this

paradise. Perchance thine eyes may rejoice in beholding it, thine ears

take delight in hearing that which is recited therein, thy soul be

enthralled by recognizing it, thy heart illumined by comprehending it, and

thy spirit gladdened by the fragrant breezes that waft therefrom. Haply

thou mayest attain unto the pinnacle of divine grace and abide within the

Ridvan of transcendent holiness.

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