These were the very words and utterances used by the pagan Arabs living

in the days of Muhammad to dispute with and pronounce judgement against

Him. They said: "Those who believed in Muhammad dwelt in our midst and

associated with us day and night. When did they die and when were they

raised again to life?" Hearken unto that which was revealed in reply: "If

ever thou dost marvel, marvellous surely is their saying, 'What! When we

have become dust and mouldering bones, shall we be restored in a new

creation?'"(40) And in another passage: "And if thou shouldst say, 'After

death ye shall surely be raised again', the infidels will certainly

exclaim, 'This is naught but palpable sorcery.'"(41) Thus did they mock

and deride Him, for they had read in their Books and heard from their

divines the terms "life" and "death", and understood them as this

elemental life and physical death, and hence when they found not that

which their vain imaginings and their false and wicked minds had

conceived, they hoisted the banners of discord and the standards of

sedition and kindled the flame of war. God, however, quenched it through

the power of His might, as thou seest again in this day with these

infidels and evil-doers.

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