At this hour, when the sweet savours of attraction have wafted over Me

from the everlasting city, when transports of yearning have seized Me from

the land of splendours at the dawning of the Daystar of the worlds above

the horizon of 'Iraq, and the sweet melodies of Hijaz have brought to Mine

ears the mysteries of separation, I have purposed to relate unto thine

eminence a portion of that which the Mystic Dove hath warbled in the

midmost heart of Paradise as to the true meaning of life and death, though

the task be impossible. For were I to interpret these words for thee as it

hath been inscribed in the Guarded Tablets, all the books and pages of the

world could not contain it, nor could the souls of men bear its weight. I

shall nonetheless mention that which beseemeth this day and age, that it

might serve as a guidance unto whosoever desireth to gain admittance into

the retreats of glory in the realms above, to hearken unto the melodies of

the spirit intoned by this divine and mystic bird, and to be numbered with

those who have severed themselves from all save God and who in this day

rejoice in the presence of their Lord.

62: O Son Of Man! Many A Day Hath Passed Over Thee Whilst Thou 63 This Is That Of Which We Gave You Forewarning When facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail