Know then that "life" hath a twofold meaning. The first pertaineth to

the appearance of man in an elemental body, and is as manifest to thine

eminence and to others as the midday sun. This life cometh to an end with

physical death, which is a God-ordained and inescapable reality. That

life, however, which is mentioned in the Books of the Prophets and the

Chosen Ones of God is the life of knowledge; that is to say, the servant's

recognition of the sign of the splendours wherewith He Who is the Source

of all splendour hath Himself invested him, and his certitude of attaining

unto the presence of God through the Manifestations of His Cause. This is

that blessed and everlasting life that perisheth not: whosoever is

quickened thereby shall never die, but will endure as long as His Lord and

Creator will endure.

63: O Ye Peoples Of The World! Know Verily That An Unforeseen Calamity Followeth 64 Amongst The People Is He Whose Learning Hath Made Him Proud facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail