Would that pure and stainless hearts could be found, that I might

impart unto them a sprinkling from the oceans of knowledge which My Lord

hath bestowed upon Me, so that they may soar in the heavens even as they

walk upon the earth and speed over the waters even as they course the

land, and that they may take up their souls in their hands and lay them

down in the path of their Creator. Howbeit, leave hath not been granted to

divulge this mighty secret. Indeed, it hath been from everlasting a

mystery enshrined within the treasuries of His power and a secret

concealed within the repositories of His might, lest His faithful servants

forsake their own lives in the hope of attaining this most great station

in the realms of eternity. Nor shall they who wander in this oppressive

darkness ever attain unto it.

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