69: O Children Of Adam! Holy Words And Pure And Goodly Deeds Ascend

O CHILDREN OF ADAM! Holy words and pure and goodly deeds ascend unto the

heaven of celestial glory. Strive that your deeds may be cleansed from the

dust of self and hypocrisy and find favor at the court of glory; for ere

long the assayers of mankind shall, in the holy presence of the Adored

One, accept naught but absolute virtue and deeds of stainless purity. This

is the daystar of wisdom and of divine mystery that hath shone above the

horizon of the divine will. Blessed are they that turn thereunto.

69 It Is Not Seemly To Let The Hair Pass Beyond The Limit Of The Ears #44 69: O Ye Sons Of Spirit! Ye Are My Treasury For In You I Have Treasured The facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail