Through the power of God and His might, I shall now relate certain

passages revealed in the Books of old, and mention some of the signs

heralding the appearance of the Manifestations of God in the sanctified

persons of His chosen Ones, that thou mayest recognize the Dayspring of

this everlasting morn and behold this Fire that blazeth in the Tree which

is neither of the East nor of the West.(4) Perchance thine eyes may be

opened upon attaining the presence of thy Lord and thy heart partake of

the blessings concealed within these hidden treasuries. Render thanks then

unto God, Who hath singled thee out for this grace and Who hath numbered

thee with them that are assured of meeting their Lord.

6: O Son Of Earth! Know Verily The Heart Wherein The Least Remnant 7 When Ye Desire To Perform This Prayer facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail